Daily Devotionals

A biblical daily devotional can provide numerous benefits for spiritual growth and deepening one's walk and relationship with God. 
  • It can help you establish a daily routine of spending time with God, reflect on His teachings and develop a consistent habit of prayer and meditation.
  • It can provide insights into the Bible that you may not have noticed before, and see how what you are reading applies to your life.
  • It can provide encouragement and inspiration when feeling discouraged or overwhelmed and remind you of God’s promises and help you to trust in His love and care.
  • It can strengthen your faith and to trust Him more deeply, always relying on His strength and wisdom.
  • It can help you to grow spiritually by challenging you to apply the teachings of the Bible to your life. It can encourage you to develop habits of prayer, Bible study, and service that will help you to grow closer to God.

Listed below are links to our “Monthly Calendars” of “Daily Devotionals” which is a collaboration of many of our brothers and sisters in Christ sharing insight into God’s Word, through testimonials, words of encouragement, wisdom and love.

Be encouraged and Be Blessed…

Daily Devotional – June 2023